About Me

Hello! I'm Alexia, often known as "Fancypants", although we can't quite remember why! I'm not the tallest girl out there, but I do love to ride a pretty big board. My current favorite is my custom 9.4" Donald Takayama "In The Pink". I live in San Diego where most of my favorite breaks are a fair walk from the parking lot, and being So Cal, down a huge flight of rickety stairs. Pipes and any of the breaks along San Elijo are some of my best spots, and I like to be able to walk along the beach cherry picking the most delicious waves. Which is quite tricky with a 9'4" board and arms that go with a 5'2" frame! For years I've tried out handles and cables, slings and carriers. Some have been ok but ugly, and other have just not worked. And so, I decided to create the Surf Sherpa! Leonard the Llama is our mascot after I was chased by a Llama in Peru in 2017. Good times. If you're in San Diego look out for me at the beach with my Takayama, my 1977 VW Bus, using a brightly striped Surf Sherpa.